Landscaping Irrigation Services

At GreenTech Lawn & Landscape, we specialize in commercial and residential Landscaping Irrigation Services and Systems all over the Northwest Suburbs and surrounding areas. We provide full irrigation system design and installation as well as irrigation system maintenance and sprinkler head replacement and repairs. Whether you desire a complex system with multiple zones or a simple system with drip feeds for your garden, we got you covered.

The key ingredient to nurturing a beautiful yard or commercial greens is having an irrigation system that runs efficiently and effectively. Proper irrigation is essential for getting your plants the water they need to thrive. Sprinkler systems are an easy, convenient way to water your lawn and garden and significantly decrease water usage.

Through the installation of sprinklers and other methods of irrigating your lawn by GreenTech Lawn & Landscape, you can drastically reduce your landscape maintenance efforts and cut water usage, while keeping your plants, trees, and grass healthy and vibrant through the spring, long hot Minnesota summers and into the fall. However, providing your lawn with adequate water requires a carefully developed plan and innovative sprinkler designs, as well as knowledge of plant root systems and hydration needs.

We offer but are not limited to the following irrigation services:
• Irrigation Design & Installation
• Irrigation Repair & Maintenance
• Irrigation Spring Startup
• Irrigation Winter Blowouts
• Sprinkler Head Replacement
• Irrigation Water Line Repair
• Rain Sensor Installation
• Irrigation Systems

For your irrigation system to operate with the most efficiency and effectiveness, it needs to be properly maintained. We offer backflow checking, leak inspections, sprinkler adjustments, timer programming, spring activation, system winterization, troubleshooting and much more.

For more information about GreenTech Lawn & Landscape and our Northwestern Minnesota suburbs Landscape Irrigation services please contact us at 763-310-9409. If you’d like a free estimate please click here.

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