Commercial and Residential Snow Removal Services

At GreenTech Lawn & Landscape, our Commercial and Residential Snow Removal Services customers come first. Our priority is to provide safe, efficient and reliable snow plowing, snow removal and ice control services for commercial and residential properties in the Northwestern Minnesota suburbs. Under our services, you are guaranteed to receive full, 24/7 professional snow removal and ice control services every time it snows.

The upper Midwest cold weather brings its own set of hurdles. With slippery sidewalks and icy stairs, Minnesota properties run the risk of a nasty accident, should a potential client or passerby take a tumble due to the wintry conditions. Beyond that, an enterprise that is made inaccessible due to an overflow of snow or ice means a loss of business, which is the last thing you want to deal with!

This also holds true with your home. Icy, wintry conditions, blowing winds and snow drift can sometimes make it a daunting task for the homeowners to get out in time to get the kids off to school or even head to work. Let GreenTech Lawn & Landscape Snow Removal Services take the burden off your shoulders, and back, by providing top notch professional snow removal services from your home or business.

During the winter, we monitor storms, and our crews and equipment are on call 24/7 to manage whatever comes your way before a flake hits the ground.

Our winter Snow Removal Services include but are not limited to the following.
• Residential & Commercial Snow Plowing
• Residential & Commercial Snow Removal
• Residential & Commercial Snow Blowing
• Residential & Commercial Road and Driveway Sanding and Salting
• Residential & Commercial Rooftop Snow Removal
• Residential & Commercial De-icing
• Commercial Snow Removal for office buildings, shopping centers, municipalities, associations and more
• Need Ice Dam Removal? Please contact us so we can recommend a reputable company for your needs.
If you have questions about specialty snow removal services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more information about GreenTech Lawn & Landscape and our Northwestern Minnesota suburbs Commercial and Residential Snow Removal Services please contact us at 763-310-9409. If you’d like a free estimate please click here.

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