Boulder and Retaining Wall Services

GreenTech Lawn & Landscape offers Boulder and Retaining Wall Services that can provide privacy and create more outdoor living space for your home or business.

You can trust our expertise in creating a retaining wall that supports a hillside or even a small garden. We build landscaping and stone walls from concrete, boulders, stone, rock, block and brick. Each retaining wall is custom built to fit your yard or business and is constructed with great care to last a lifetime.

Retaining walls have several purposes and can be built to prevent soil erosion and allow water drainage. Retaining walls can create beautiful garden spaces in your backyard. Consider stackable paving blocks offer better aesthetic value and strength, ensuring that your retaining walls will remain standing for many years.

We emphasize the importance of retaining walls to secure your property against soil erosion if your property sits on a fill lot or hillside. Our crew can build beautiful and functional retaining walls to highlight eye-catching areas on your property.

Our team can build different structures, including garden walkways, patios, outdoor dining spaces, planters, and paved driveways. Since they come in multiple colors, connection patterns, and sizes, we help you choose the best design for your outdoor setting. We also build durable perimeter walls, fireplaces, and other non-habitable structures for security and privacy.

We can use other materials, of course, such as hardwood, concrete, bricks, stones, and various composite materials as a traditional approach. Whatever your choice is, GreenTech will build retaining walls to create stunning facades and improved curb appeal.

For more information about GreenTech Lawn & Landscape and our Northwestern Minnesota suburbs Boulder and Retaining Wall Services please contact us at 763-310-9409. If you’d like a free estimate please click here.

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